About Nick

Nick Marsh is an experienced and recognised leader in service and organisational transformation.

As a social worker and researcher, he has over 20 years’ experience in child protection and safeguarding in statutory settings. Since 2014, Nick has focused on practice improvement and service redesign. Nick is passionate about supporting individuals, teams and organisations to develop research informed responses to social issues; focusing on developing strengths-based and systemic approaches to child protection and safeguarding. This has included leading the development of Greater Manchester’s research-based and co-designed child exploitation service, ACT. Nick’s current projects include, coordinating the development of an evidenced-based and inclusive approach to promoting safety and wellbeing in child exploitation (an alternative to risk-based tools). This is a national pilot and includes Greater Manchester’s Complex Safeguarding Hub, The Children Society and The What Works Centre CSC (Practice in Need of Evidence).

Nick holds a BA (Hons) in Social Work, a MSc in Leadership. Nick is in the final year of his PhD, his research focuses on social work interventions and adolescent safeguarding in the context extra-familial harm.