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Workshop #1

Organisational Culture, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

This workshop provides a facilitated space to hold courageous conversations about EDI. The session utilises systemic approaches to open up discussions and explore how individual experiences can shape and influence perceptions and beliefs. Participants will be supported to embed diversity and inclusion within strategies, policies and practice. We welcome organisations, teams, EDI leads and network groups to this workshop.

Session objectives include

  • To start open and reflective conversations about EDI in the workplace
  • To challenge thinking and to learn about one another
  • To create and hold a safer space to have challenging  conversations
  • To explore pathways to improve EDI responses in relation to work places settings and workstreams
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Workshop #2

Intersectionality & Systemic Practice

This workshop provides participants with the learning  resources and tools to start to embed intersectional and systemic thinking in to practice. It will explore how intersections such as race, ethnicity, gender, class, sexuality, disability and age  may influence interactions and interventions when working with children, young people and families. This session critically reflects on the concept of the universal child, its origins and its implications for practice, research and policy.

Session objectives include

  • To gain an understanding of intersectionality, its origins and developments
  • To explore ways in which intersectionality and systemic practice interrelate
  • To gain an understanding of why intersectionality and systemic practice are important from an individual and organisational perspective
  • To explore ways of applying intersectional and systemic thinking in to practice
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Workshop #3

Adultification Bias & Safeguarding Children

This workshop explores the concept of ‘adultification’ from both a research and practice perspective. This session uses case studies, small group discussions and serious case review findings to explore how adultification manifests in practice. Participants are introduced to Listen Up’s Professional Inter-Adultification Model which provides a framework for individuals and teams to reflect on practice and guard against the adultification of children and young people.

Session objectives include

  • To explore notions of vulnerability and childhood and how these are applied to some children more than others
  • To understand the broad concepts of intersectionality and adultification
  • To identify ways to guard against adultification in practice
  • To review findings from serious case reviews relating to child criminal exploitation
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Workshop #4

Reflective Spaces and Courageous Conversations

This workshop is designed to provide teams and organisations with a space to reflect on the learning and impact of the above sessions from an individual and organisational perspective. This session builds on the activities participants have been provided with during the sessions in series one- further developing thinking and enhancing practice. This session should be delivered as a follow up session with at least a month’s space between this and the last session.

Session objectives include

  • To provide a space to reflect and revisit the learning from the previous sessions
  • To further develop participants’ understanding of key concepts previously discussed
  • To provide a space to reflect on how learning and agreed actions have influenced practice or policy
  • To provide support with particular projects or policy developments which stem from the above workshops and activities
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